Nordic Pole Walking Beginner Basic Class - Ontario, OR Oct 23/09

Nordic Pole Walking is the ideal outdoor activity for anyone wanting to minimize pain, injury, impact on lower body joints, to provide balance, stability and mobility, stabilization for core/lower back, increase calorie burning, cardio output, increase upper body toning, lose weight and much more! It is suitable for the beginner or the advanced exerciser, the orthopedic or arthritic individual. There are techniques everyone.Pole Walking or 'Nordic Walking' is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in North America!

With millions of Americans walking for their recreational and fitness physical activity, we know how much the addition of Nordic walking poles can ENHANCE one’s walking experience and MAXIMIZE one’s workout and it is our aim to introduce, educate, network and provide the tools and products to everyone in these geographical areas.

Nordic Pole Walking provides the health benefits of regular recreational walking with the total-body resistance training and cardio endurance benefits of Nordic Skiing PLUS MUCH MUCH more! It is easily learned and adaptable to differing surface conditions, seasons, weather and altitudes. Most individuals regardless of age, conditioning and ability can Pole Walk. Just ask our Master Trainer who has trained hundreds of individuals of various health and medical conditions.


What: Beginner Basics Nordic Walking Session I of III

Date: Friday, Oct 23

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 am

Cost: $35/3sessions (3 hrs)

Payment with ck or cash. Please make checks payable to: Health Adventure Coach, LLC

Location: Lion's Park, Ontario Oregon Address: 790 SW 3rd Ave, Ontario OR

Google Map:


PRE-REGISTRATION: Call or email Instructor no later than 8:00 am Friday, Oct 23 and wait for a confirmation response. Poles are limited so registration confirmation is required. For questions or inquiries, contact Instructor, Lori @ 208 452 3698 or tvnordicwalkingadventures@gmail.com

Poles are included in class fee and are available for rent or retail.

Instructor: Lori Clinch Adams is a Certified Instructor and facilitator of Treasure Valley Nordic Walking Adventures.

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