Attend The 2015 Integrated Health Conference in Person or Via Live Symposium

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Try Amazon Mom for a 30 day FREE Trial that offers special benefits for parents and caregivers.

Some benefits: 

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Today, September 6 is National Read A Book Day

Today is National READ A BOOK day. Turn off the television and other electronics and enjoy the relaxation of reading.
Here are some FREE Kindle Ebooks for you to start with!


Breaking News: Center For Disease Control Confesses To MMR Vaccine Research Fraud

To read this in it's entirety, please click on link below:

What is MMR Vaccine?

According to Wikipedia, "The MMR vaccine is an immunization vaccine against measlesmumps, and rubella (also called German measles). It is a mixture of live attenuated viruses of the three diseases, administered via injection. "


The Thyroid Sessions: A FREE Online Thyroid Health Event, beginning May 4, 2014

"Our thyroid hormones affect every cell and all the organs in the body" ~

...for example, they affect our metabolism, how our body can turn food into energy, our cholesterol, heart, bones and muscles.

Me, I am at that age and stage in life where desire to assist my body to heal properly NATURALLY, through appropriate dietary choices, supplements, lifestyle changes and with the expertise of Health Experts in the field of Naturopathy, Nutrition and the like. I've gone to my regular MD and am following her suggestions for supplements, food and exercise, however I want the information and direction from the Natural Health Field. I don't want to be missing anything or for that matter, misinformed by something I might read. I want to see my thyroid imbalance reversed and my symptoms to disappear and be restored to proper balance.

Thankfully, I found a very soon upcoming FREE Online Thyroid Health Event, beginning in just 2 days, on May 4/14. Yes, honest, it's FREE.

There are interviews with a dozen leading health experts including Functional Medicine Doctors, Nutritionists and real food Chefs. PLUS, each speaker will be giving away a FREE special bonus when their interview is aired.

To save your seat for this event, just enter your email HERE and be sure to share it with those you care for and friends you know who also have been diagnosed with thyroid issues or simply for prevention.

Think about it: doesn't the thought of having renewed energy, saying bye bye to brain fog and lack of memory, hot flashes and what we all probably want so badly and have struggled to do so:  to lose unwanted pounds.....okay, so we're on the same page. So REGISTER NOW!



Last-Minute Valentine Recipes!

Is it getting down to the wire and you yet haven't planned or decided on a great Valentine's Day dinner or dessert? Have a look at these. Some may even come on Kindle for instant access.


Teas For The Heart

To coincide with Healthy Heart Month & Valentines Day, I'd like to present to you some delicious, heart-healthy teas for Valentines Gifts. Research suggests that the antioxidants in green tea may protect the heart and help lower one's risk risk of heart disease.


Buy 1 for $20 or 3 for $40

The green teas in this collection are:

Green Mango Peach
Lemon Sorbetti
Jasmine Green
Moroccan Mint


Nordic Pole Walking Presentation in Orlando Library, 01-04-14

A GREAT way to start a healthy new year is to attend a /FREE hands-on demo and fun presentation of a popular outdoor walking workout: Nordic Pole Walking.

And you can do so in Orlando at Southwest Branch Library
Address: 7255 Della Drive, Orlando, FL
Time: 1:30 PM
Date: Saturday, January 4/14

Registrations Required:
Call: (407) 835-7323

Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking


Contact Lori for your own private or group session
Call (863) 268-4404


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If it hasn't occurred to you yet that you may need a sugar detox, it usually will right after the holidays. So why not order this FREE Kindle E-Book NOW so you can be one step ahead when you are ready to do it?

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Do you have a suspicion that you might even be a Sugar Addict? Here are my recommended books for identifying if you are one; how to kick the habit and become healthier.



Go back to nature and squat for good elimination and intestinal health

Painful and distressing health problems can develop due to improper posture when sitting on the toilet. I know; not a popular subject is it? But it's true.

We all are familiar with the health issue that arise due to poor standing, sitting or walking posture but we don't contribute poor potty posture to the several painful and uncomfortable intestinal/abdominal conditions that too large a percentage of our population experience.

Click on the banners below to learn how bathroom posture DOES affect your health and how 'Squatty Potty' can get you on the road to a healthier colon and a happier you!


FREE Kindle Book: Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Everyone loves new ideas and recipes and there's a strong movement towards a meatless diet nowadays. If that is you, then start here with  FREE Kindle Vegetarian Recipes

FREE Kindle Book: 40 Top Paleo Recipes

Are you new to PALEOLITHIC way of eating? Then you have nothing to lose by downloading this FREE paleo recipe book!

For more Paleo Recipes....

SMART SCHOOL TIME RECIPES: The Breakfast, Snack, and Lunchbox Cookbook for Healthy Kids and Adults

Another FREE Kindle E-Book For You:

Do you enjoy Quinoa AND want to lose weight? Here's a FREE Kindle Book for you!

The topic of Quinoa is bouncing our way this week and here to end the week is a FREE Kindle E-Cookbook for you on Quinoa Recipes For Weight Loss!

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And let us know which ones you made and your rating for them!


Speaking of Vegan, Enter to win a copy of Practically Raw Desserts book!

Barefoot Essence has posted a delicious-looking recipe for Coconut Heavenly Cupcakes plus has a draw for a Giveaway for her book, 'Practically Raw Desserts'.

Enter to win HERE

Hug A Vegan Day, September 27, 2013

Happy Hug A Vegan Day, today September 27!

Errrr..........you may say, What IS a Vegan? A vegan is an individual who does not consume or use any animal products. Does it make eating a challenge?

It requires research. Here's a great site for that: The Vegetarian Resource Group

The 3 prime reasons people choose a vegan way of eating are:

1. Health
2. Environmental
3. Animal Rights

Free 'Hug A Vegan Day' Signs at this LINK

Here is a Facebook Group for sharing Vegan Recipes LINK


The Quinoa Cookbook - On Sale Now! Only $2.99!! [Kindle Edition]

Have you ever heard of QUINOA? It's an ancient grain high in protein, fiber and a good source of iron.

We LOVE quinoa in our home and I prepare it in lots of ways for all meals, including breakfast & desserts. It is ultra easy and quick to prepare; MUCH quicker than rice or barley.

To learn more about Quinoa, read WEBMD's article on 10 Superfoods You Should Eat!

And this Kindle E-Book is only $2.99 right now!

Don't have a kindle? No prob; you can simply download a free reading app to your gadget, even a PC/laptop. Works for me.
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And should you now be convinced that Quinoa is a great superfood choice for you, then purchase online now!

My Huge Apology For My Summer Absence!

It certainly was not my intention to take the summer off from blogging and keeping this blog updated, however since joining DOGVACAY in May, Dog Boarding took off for me and I've had dogs boarding in my home almost 7 days a week for several months!

Now that is a great thing; the only exception being that it consumed my time to the extent my thinking cap for writing just wasn't on well! And I've really really missed being here. So please accept my apologies.

And YES, I am still offering Lifestyle Wellness Coaching via email and phone calls and video chats and am available locally to teach Nordic Pole Walking & sell poles.

Before I begin a new HEALTH blog post, just let me share with you the great fun & joy I've had hosting dog vacations for a great number of canines! [although the research states that having dogs can improve your overall health!]

For me, DogVacay really DOES rock because pet parents gain peace of heart and mind when they board their dogs in real homes with people that love and want them there! Like me! It's a joy to provide such a service. Not only are the dogs great but so are the owners.

And 9 wonderful pet parents have written me 9 amazing reviews.

Fact is, there are DogVacay Hosts all over the country, so you can go to their site, browse for Hosts in the area you are at or will be, read their listing and contact them prior to even making a reservation with them. AND, you can save $10 off your 1st reservation by using my special coupon code: PAWZITIVEFX

Here's one of the funniest moments this summer:

and we know that laughter is also good for our health!

This is Troy the Border Collie who was so OCD about the ball, that he brought it to me in the bathroom!

Anyway, to cut this short, I'm back to blogging again [but will be away Oct 9-22 when I go to Canada to visit my family over thanksgiving]

Lastly, DogVacay has also opened up for me the opportunity to promote my Pet Photography as well, and that surely makes my heart glad as well. 


Summer's Here! It's time to get outdoors and recreate!

I want to whet your appetite to have an active and healthy summer ~ the first step is to get outdoors, breathe deeply and start moving your limbs, whether by walking, cycling, hiking, playing with the Grandkids, gardening etc. Just begin.

While it always feels like summer here in Central Florida, it's always a special treat to me when I get to go to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, just 7 miles from our home. It's where we see the most spectacular sunsets and wildlife.

I hope my photos of our cycling/recreating last evening, (blog post below) the 1st day of summer will be an incentive for you do begin exploring all that there is to see and enjoy in your own geographical locations.

Blog Post: 1st Day of Summer at Circle B Bar Reserve


Find Sustainable Food

How many times have you asked yourself, "What's in my food?" and "Do I really want to eat this?"

If so, the 'Eatwell Guide' might be of interest to you to locate local, organic and sustainable fresh food.

Eatwell Guide [click link to be taken to this guide]


Join The 2013 National Bike Challenge

The 2013 National Bike Challenge is a health and wellness initiative organized and presented by the League of American Bicyclists. to encourage people to bike for recreation and transportation. The challenge runs from May 1 to Sept. 30 and is free and open to anyone living in the USA. 

Join the challenge and whether your ride is for fitness, fun or transportation, log in your miles at National Bike Challenge.org. The only miles that don't count are those done indoors. 

If you belong to a local bike club, you can form your own Team and participate in the challenge that way. To join the challenge, register HERE as an individual. You will then have the option of creating or joining a team . Don't know of a local bike club, search here. Businesses and companies can also join and form their own teams. 

There are prizes to be won for accumulating points. Points are accumulated each day you ride at least 1 mile. 


Challenge Points accumulate based on miles ridden plus 20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile.
1 mile = 1 Challenge point
20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile
A rider who commutes 10 miles round-trip would earn 30 points: 20 points for riding, plus 10 points for the 10 miles (1 mile = 1 point).

This is exciting for me personally because I've traded in using our vehicle for my work to bicycling instead. In 10 weeks, by riding on average 50 miles per week, this has aided me in losing 14 lbs! Since I earn income by cycling (I provide in-home pet care/dog walks), I look at it as being paid to bike and that's exciting motivation!!


Women Bike
2013 Bicycle-Friendly State ranking

Local Bicycle Shops (Winter Haven, Lakeland, Florida)

The Bike Shop of Winter Haven
Road & Trail Bicycles
Bents Cycling and Fitness

Great Book: Brand New! Click on the image.


The History and Benefits of Tea

Many of us enjoy our tea, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening but do you know the history of tea? 

And whether we enjoy black or green tea, there are benefits to both.

See benefits here: Tea Benefits

Art of Tea - Tea Party

Art of Tea - Tea Bags

How will your snacks contribute to your health positively today?

When I am at home alone and will be spending most of my day there, I've established the habit of setting out small portions of colorful and tasty (to me) foods in the morning, that I wish to snack on during the day, so that I don't have to take time throughout the day to prepare food or go too long without eating and then want to binge on something (not that there's anything unhealthy in my home to binge on!).

For me, it's been a terrific way to eat mostly raw, eat portion size, to eat loads of antioxidants, to enjoy a wide variety of foods throughout the day that I might not consume if I were preparing meals separately. By nature i am a grazer and I prefer to eat sufficiently for the activities I am participating in.

For example today, I have 4 dogs in house that I am pet sitting and I have to go out of the house 3 times today to make a dog sitting visit just up the road a bit from me. I will use my bicycle to go on that visit. Since my energy expenditure will not be much, yet I need some fuel in my muscles to bike, I'll eat nutritiously, yet sparingly, like below.

If I feel my blood sugar getting low, I know how to fuel properly. If I feel my concentration and focus waning, I know how to get my essential fats (nuts, seeds).

Foods on Left Tray: Blueberries, walnuts, tomato, home-grown mung bean and lentil sprouts, spinach.

Foods on Right Tray: Red cabbage, celery, yellow bell pepper, watermelon, ruby red grapefruit, cucumber, snow peas.

I will also drink lots of reverse osmosis water and green tea.

I've actually lost 14 lbs of weight in 8 weeks by eating like this, exchanging bicycle riding for car use in my work = 40 - 100 miles per week cycling, and eliminating all refined sugars from my diet. And it feels great!


Green Spaces Lessen Brain Fatigue

Where are YOUR favorite Green Spaces? Do you feel renewed, rested and calmer when you've spent time outdoors walking in your favorite places?

The results of a study have been recently published that the brain wave patterns of those who walk in urbanized areas are more aroused and frustrated than those who walk in parkland environments.

states that 'natural environments still engage' the brain, however in an effortless manner. She goes on further to say that green spaces provide a 'restorative effect' on the brain. 

It is always more beneficial to engage your entire body in an aerobic activity such as walking than to be sedentary, however simply gazing at green spaces out a window during a short break can still have refreshing benefits to a tired brain. 

To read the article: Easing Brain Fatigue With A Walk In The Park,  please click HERE.