Nordic Pole Walking Classes - Beginner Basics ,Ontario, OR

SUMMER SPECIAL: SAVE $10 when you register for our 3 x 1 hr Beginner Basics Poling Classes, July 5-9/10

Walking with poles is becoming increasingly popular as both urban and trail walkers are discovering their many positive benefits. Used correctly, poles can expand your horizons, minimize your waistline, convert energy into an upper body/core workout and improve performance and stability on all terrain.

Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: Ontario, OR. Specific location will be announced upon your registration and confirmation.

Cost: Summer Special: 3 x 60 min lessons $35 (save $10 /Reg. $45)
This includes use of poles during all sessions.
Register by email: tvnordicwalkingadventures@gmail.com or call Instructor Lori (208) 739-0032 by 8:00 pm Sunday, July 4/10

Details: Nordic Pole Walking is the ideal outdoor activity for anyone wanting to minimize pain, injury, impact on lower body joints, to provide balance, stability and mobility, stabilization for core/lower back, increase calorie burning, cardio output, increase upper body toning, lose weight and much more! It is suitable for the beginner or the advanced exerciser, the orthopedic or arthritic individual. There are techniques everyone.Pole Walking or 'Nordic Walking' is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in North America!

Everyone begins with our Beginner Basics Poling Classes and then it is optional to progress to other levels.

Included in each workshop are:
-Poles for use for duration of workshop/classes

-Handouts of techniques and topics covered
-Discount coupons for future classes
-Discount coupon for pole purchase
-Free Membership to Treasure Valley Nordic Walking Adventurers Group

*Personal Training or Small Group Training (1-4) is available.
Call with your details for pricing. Pricing depends upon location.

All classes are facilitated by Lori Clinch Adams of Treasure Valley Nordic Walking Adventures.
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