Layer Up!

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Skiers Rejoice! Wickers Cold Weather Clothing's Got You Covered! If you're a skier or know any hardcore skiers, you understand the reason people love being up on those slopes--the thrill of breathing in cool, fresh air and catching a little adrenaline rush coming down a double diamond! BUT, in order to devote a whole day to waste-high fresh powder, you gotta have the right gear! That's where Wickers comes in.

Ice skaters, snowmobilers, ice fishing junkies, and year round runners know the necessity of staying warm and dry in the frigid winter weather. Wickers carries an impressive line of moisture wicking garments that have been tested tough by the most intense cold weather athletes. Ask any winter weather sports addict and they'll tell you the same thing your Mother used to tell you about staying warm: LAYER UP!

Wearing layers of thinner materials creates little pockets of warmth all over your body, insulating your natural body heat. Start with a lightweight moisture wicking T-shirt, then add the light-weight Long Sleeved Crew Neck. Don't forget to layer up on the bottom too! Wickers Softsilk Thermal Underwear are a skiers favorite! Finally, protect your nose and ears with the Wickers Midweight Balaclava. Now you've got your first layer from head to toe! Add a few more layers and you're ready to hit the Slopes!

Wickers.com 10% OFF all orders

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