New Promotion for Snowboards & Snowboarding Gear by Tightboards

Being from Canada and later living in the Pacific NW, Snowboarding is a very popular winter sport, although I've never braved to attempt it. However for those who do have that daring nature, snowboarding offers an intense cardio workout and can burn up to 450 calories per hour. For those who are agile, this is a great way to lose those extra pounds while enjoying the release of 'feel good' endorphins outdoors.

Other benefits of snowboarding is that you will work ALL your major muscle groups, will improve flexibility and balance. In short, snowboarding is a fantastic overall cardiovascular and strengthening workout as well as loads and loads of fun. If you have your doubts, just go to a ski hill and watch the huge grins of those who are doing it.

I'm endorsing Tightboards for their wide selection of snowboards, snowboarding gear, skateboards etc. Check them out via the banners below!

Snow wake skate

2011 Snowboards

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