Walk With Me in HOPE FOR HAITI 5K WALK & RUN, Sat 01/15 Lakeland

Wanted: 10 Enthusiastic Walkers  who will pole walk with me on Saturday, Jan 15/11 in Lakeland at the 

What I offer U: FREE Nordic Pole Lesson(s) This Week!
AND FREE use of my poles for the walk!

Bonus: You and I meet a new friend with whom we can walk and stay healthy and fit AND We support a GREAT Cause!

What is required of YOU:

·      Pay cost of registration     Click on link for form
·      Attend the lesson
·      Attend the event with me

Contact me, Lori Clinch, ASAP to arrange time and location of lesson.

Call (863) 268-4404 or (863) 662-1225

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