Recruiting Healthy Walkers For Local Community 1k, 3k, 5k Walks

My 3 Goals For Recruiting Health & Social Walkers:

1.     Desiring the company of other like-minded health/recreation individuals in non-competitive Charitable walks like 3K 5K, & 10K’s (maybe someday a half marathon) and supporting the community through these endeavors.

2.     To promote Nordic Pole Walking in Polk County and St. Pete’s for the health, fitness and rehabilitative benefits as it enhances the walking experience and maximizes the workout by forming an active Nordic Walking Team of individuals enthusiastic for the sport.

3.     To network neighboring Nordic Walkers so everyone has someone to pole with (if desired) and to meet new people.

Benefits to you/What I offer you:
  • ·        FREE Nordic Walking Instruction – learn this fun, easy total-body, muscle-toning, calorie-burning outdoor physical activity from an Instructor of 6 yrs who has taught hundreds of individuals of varying ages, conditioning and health conditions. 

  • FREE use of training poles during Instruction 

  • Discounted pole rental for all events we participate in as a team 

  • Discounted pole sales 

  • Discounted lessons for family & friends 

  • Complimentary Sports Nutrition and Healthy Eating/Lifestyle 

  • Meeting new walking companions and hopefully, friends

There are some requirements of you if you wish to participate so kindly contact me for details.

Lori Clinch Phone (863) 268-4404

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