Running Red - by Amy Smith

Before February arrived, I had been pondering how to design my posts for Healthy Heart Month. By today, the 2nd day, my composing buttons are still STUCK. 

It was this evening on Facebook that I read my friend Amy's blog posting titled 'Running Red'. I knew then that I was going to post a link to her posting so my readers could go there directly.

Each time I read Amy's postings I am touched inwardly and usually humbled by God's life within her and her humble, expressive way of describing things in life. Just an ordinary life but not an ordinary life. For me, being the mother of 5 children under the age of 10 would not be ordinary! But she does it magnificently and so gracefully and allows the rest of us inside her home, her children's lives and her heart........to see our Maker's influence in 7 precious souls..........all in a day in the Smith Family home.

Okay, back to her posting........read it for yourself and allow God to visit with you as you do. Be open. 

Perhaps you too will want to become a 'follower' of her blog.

Too, if you see her running red in the streets of Ontario Oregon, maybe roll down your window, smile, wave and say, 'Go Run Red Amy, Go Run Red!'

And lastly, perhaps.......could it be so........that the healthiest heart is actually the surrendered one?..........

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