Simple Life Changes Could Stop Millions of Cancers

(via Reuters) says the   American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)

Oh how often do we say aloud or inwardly hope that a cure will be found for cancer or a treatment that will slow the progress of some debilitating and horrible Diseases and Syndromes? How often do we personally run to our medicine cabinet or the nearest pharmacy for some liquid, powder, capsule, or tablet that will provide even a little ease or relief from our pain or discomfort from some minor annoying thing? Or have we found ourselves sitting once again in a Doctor's office hoping for another prescription refill for that magic pill that will tone down that Acid Reflux or Stomach Discomfort (or any other discomfort), which in reality, we could very well minimize or eliminate if we would only implement some wiser choices in the foods/beverages we consume or stress management techniques?

We are willing to donate $$ to foundations and agencies for research for a cure, we are willing to physically train ourselves for weeks or months to participate in a fitness event that will raise money for such research........in the hopes of..................

I am not so draconian or ill-informed to be saying that all diseases, syndromes and cancers are self-caused. That is not scientifically based or substantiated in any way. However we do know (can anyone else also speak personally here?) that we sometimes experience illness BECAUSE we have been neglectful with our choices and wellbeing? And it is some of those elements that WE CAN do something about. That is the essence of the article message at the heading of this blog post today.

We each CAN:

1. Eat Healthier
2. Drink Less Alcohol
3. Exercise More

 Optimal lifestyle wellness begins with a conscious, intentional decision/choice to assume responsibility for the quality of your life. It may mean raising your standards above what you have been comfortable with; it will require time, commitment, energy, motivation and attitude.

For most of us, it also requires finding an accountability partner or group to participate in. 

As a Health Adventure Coach, Let me offer you myself if you need a telephone or email accountability partner. Together we can review what you presently do, work on daily or weekly manageable, sustainable steps, keep accountable to implement those steps and, if  you live locally, I can go shopping with you for healthier choices, we can have a healthy kitchen coaching session with you and up to 3 friends, we can enjoy some healthy cooking demos/meal prep in your own home and we can explore some perhaps new, fun and interesting ways to keep your body moving at that minimum necessary 30 minutes/day of exercising. 

Really, it IS doable, it IS possible. And in the remaining 21 days of Healthy Heart Month, begin something you've always wanted to, have recently needed to and now desire to for a healthier and more responsible YOU.

Today is Day 1 of 21 of Healthy Heart Month. Here are my tips for today:

Eat Healthier - consume 1 serving ( ½ cup cooked or 1 cup raw) of dark yellow or orange veggies today as they are know to contain high concentration of carotenoids and other antioxidants have been advocated for their potential to prevent cancer. Examples: Squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, yellow tomatoes.

By beagle, Bailey with a dark yellow Spaghetti Squash :-)

Exercise More – if you walk for 30 minutes at a steady pace then implement this into today’s workout: 
Take with you a watch with a second hand or a timer. 
For your first 2 minutes walk at a slow, steady pace to warm up. 
Next stretch for 1-2 minutes. 
For the next 22 minutes complete the following in 30 second segments: walk as briskly (or faster than normal) as you can (for 30 seconds) and then walk at a slower, steady pace (for 30 seconds). 

First, this will be different. Different can be better and fun. 
Secondly, you will be breathing harder and more air enters into the heart and lungs enabling the body to detoxify itself; The brain will releases the hormones endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine for a mood raising, natural chemical high, and you will burn more calories. 

For the remaining 4 minutes of your workout, slow down to a slow, steady pace for 2 minutes than spend the final 2 minutes stretching.

If you need details on any information in these day 1 tips, then book your coaching session with Lori or book a 30 minute workout or try a FREE Nordic Pole Walking Taster Session with her in the Winter Haven area.

Return tomorrow for Day 2 of 21 for more Healthy Eating and Exercising Tips/Ideas

Email: lori@health-adventure-coach.com  or phone (863) 268-4404

Resources: American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR
                      World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF)

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