Fifteen Great Reasons To Exercise Outdoors

In year 2008, LeisureTRAK® reported that 60% of all Americans believed that they should be connected with nature. What better way to make that connection than to incorporate our need of daily exercise with the quest of discovery and adventure found in the great outdoors.
Here are 15 great reasons to leave the confining space of four walls and begin' greening' your exercise:

  • Delivers a sensory-filled adventure activity for all ages 
  • Encourages interactive family time, growing team-building and problem-solving skills
  • Provides an environment to develop confidence and conquer inhibitions
  • Creates fun workouts, minimizing the monotony and repetition usually experienced when exercising indoors
  • Increases the percentage of smiles and laughter, increasing positive mood
  • Connecting with nature through environmental awareness
  • Each experience is filled with a constant transition of the proverbial 'a thousand words'
  • Enhances your spiritual, emotional and mental well-being
  • Encourages a state of gratitude and appreciation
  • Sunshine increases synthesis of Vitamin D which is needed for prevention of bone loss and assorted diseases (don't forget your sunscreen)
  • Increases deep breathing which assists the body to eliminate toxins
  • Release of 'Endorphins', the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals and decrease of stress hormones in the body             
  • Increases your social life: meeting individuals of like-interests and finding an exercise buddy
  • Engages, strengthens and challenges different muscle groups
  • Less costly than a gym membership and offers a virtual free-workout, utilizing the natural environment plus your own bodyweight                                                                                            

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'Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair'. -Kahlil Gibran

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