Juvenile Diabetes, a Reason To Walk For the Cure

When we resided in the Treasure Valley of Idaho (before 09/28/10), I frequently listened on the radio to KBXL 94.1 FM, Inspirational Family Radio, which spurred and challenged me much in my Christian walk and growth.

Since moving to Polk County, FL, I now listen to 91.1 FM : Moody Family Radio. One of my favorite programs is Chris Fabry live. Today I visited his website to then be led to his blog - where I found this true account of his son's experience with diabetes. I am providing the link to the whole blog posting because it is the basis for just one of thousands of young individuals, who through no fault of their own, daily endure the grueling regimen of regulating their blood sugar through mindful and preventive nutrition and insulin injections. 

Please read Chris's post: The Scent of Insulin and then locally find a 'Walk To Cure Diabetes' that you can participate in. If you don't know anyone personally who does have diabetes, then please do it for Chris's son, Colin. 

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Chris Fabry said...

Thanks for posting this and for your work!! God bless you!