Eureka: Jammies for surviving heat, humidity and menopause!

Summer has arrived in full-swing and with it, in many regions, record-high temps and heat waves.
It's challenging enough for the average individual to cope with the symptoms of heat-exhaustion and controlling sweating but how so much more for the women passing through peri-menopause or menopause.

Being a Northerner myself and having never lived in the South except for a short-stint in Mexico over 2 decades ago, finding myself in my mid-forties and in Florida in the summer, I am definitely heat/humidity-challenged and quickly discovered that any cotton garment here in summer is not a good idea (but I already knew that from being a hiker for decades). The challenge to find sleepwear that is not only light and comfortable  but that also assists me in not overheating at night and is not sweat-inducing has been unfruitful until now!

I gladly introduce you to Cool-Jams and giddily encourage you to order yours today!

and ladies, you just MUST share your experiences here!

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