Homeopathic Sleep Tonic Safe During Pregnancy & Nursing

It is always exciting for me to have to go digging and researching for a product that is suitable and effective for different health concerns. A few days ago a friend in Oregon shared a need and at the time I wasn't able to find a product that would work in her situation.
My friend has been experiencing insomnia and lack of sleep for several months beginning early in her pregnancy and is still an issue now that the baby has been born and she is nursing.

Being someone who also experiences bouts of insomnia or not being able to fall back asleep once I am awakened, I thought to recommend to the natural remedies I use, however after researching them I discovered that they were not recommended for nursing mothers.

Back to the drawing board. I scrolled through the companies whose products I promote at Health Adventure Coach LLC and actually use for myself and my dog [yes I treat my beagle holistically] and found a product that would be appropriate for my friend.

So yes, I am very excited and shared it with her immediately and I certainly am sharing it with you my readers.

  • Relaxes mild tension and increases drowsiness
  • Reduces sleeplessness associated with insomnia
  • Balances the hormones involved in sleep patterns
  • Restores rejuvenation through restful sleep
  • Maintains routine balance of cell salts in the body

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