Healthy Heart New Year Resolutions

HH Resolution #1: Heart-Healthy Breakfast

Have you taken the time to decide on your Healthy-Lifestyle New Year's Resolutions?

Are your resolutions prompted by concerns for a specific illness or disease? Weight loss? Just healthy wellness?

Choosing resolutions to support heart health will benefit your overall health.

Eating a heart-healthy breakfast is a great first place to begin!

This morning, January 3 my breakfast consisted of:

  • White Tea [Benefit: Due to it's high antioxidant activity, relaxes blood vessels, reducing oxidative stress]        
       Lightly Sauteed in Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil:

        [Benefits: Lowers risk of atherosclerosis by slightly raising HDL and slightly lowering LDL]

  • Red Onion   [Benefit: Increase blood circulation and improve cholesterol]
  • Baby Portabello Mushrooms   [Benefit: Contain selenium, a trace mineral which reduces free radicals which protects tissues from their damage]
  • Carrots   [Benefit: Deep orange color contains phytonutrients that fight cell aging]
  • Brussel Sprouts   [Benefit: Supports the body's detoxification system thus minimizing damage by free radicals]
  • Broccoli:   [Benefit: Contains high amounts of glucoraphianin which breaks down fat, preventing it from clogging arteries]  
  • Zucchini   [Benefit: Contains Vitamins A & C, Potassium, Folate and Fiber, all which contribute to lowering stroke risk]
  • Bosc Pear   [Benefit: Contains 30% more potassium than an apple and is necessary for maintaining heartbeat and muscle contraction]
  • Almonds   [Benefit: Contains Vitamins E, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium and unsaturated fat]
  • Hard-Boiled Egg Whites   [Benefit: Heart-healthy protein, no fat and low in calories]

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