How to NOT get organized

In our home, it is my husband who is the orderly one, not me. Mind you I try, but I can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated.  No one is perfect, least of all me. Here are a few things you can do to NOT get organized. Have you tried any in the past?

1. Make excuses for the clutter by blaming the dog, kids, hubby. (wife)

2. Avoid having any company over at all. People will start to resent you but you will never have to face the reality of your clutter mess.

3. Hide everything under bed. Better yet, keep hiding stuff under there until the bed raises up off the floor, then move on to the guest bedroom. Your work here is done.

4. Shove all your paperwork, the kids toys and the laundry that needs folding into the hall closet, just make sure everyone knows to open at their own risk.

5. You could become a minimalist but, really, there is nowhere to hide anything.

6. You could become a nudist but that is never a pretty site. And, just because you don’t wear clothes doesn’t mean that you are organized. Naked, yes. Organized, no.

7. Throw all your bath supplies and extra towels on one shelf in the linen closet.

8. Shop at Sam’s Club like you have an extra room to store the stuff. You don’t and you are just delusional by even having a membership there.

9. In regards to your pantry, make sure to leave all the empty boxes, bags and containers on the shelf, like you have space to spare.

10. Let all the empty milk cartons and casserole dishes accumulate in the back of the fridge. It’s as good a place as any to store them, right?!

11. Be sure to have so many hiding spaces for clutter that you have no idea where you haven’t hidden anything.

12. Make sure you always buy duplicates because you can’t find the 1st one. Ever. No matter how hard you look. And, who doesn’t need 6 pairs of kitchen shears.

13. Use the stove for storage solution and then forget to take out the loaf of bread and the cinnamon rolls before pre-heating it.

14. Likewise for the microwave, be sure to forget that bag of chips was in there and accidentally turn on the microwave. Hello, flaming chips!

No one is perfect but this list should remind you that even the smallest amount of effort will insure that you, too, can do it.

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