Spring Rejuvenation and Detoxification

It's just that time of year when my mind and body want a cleansing. It's something I just sense and it's then that both my mind and body are willing to make the food sacrifices that bring comfort, in lieu of some restrictions and more frequent trips to the restroom :).

It's only for a short period of time and from the moment I drink my first concoction, my mind is peaceful and thankful and I know shortly, my body will be as well.

With a family wedding just 7 weeks away, it is time anyway to lose the bloat and some pudge. Toned muscles can be a by-product - but more than these outward results and appearances, my main desire is healthy cells and organs inwardly with more energy and vitality.

I am blessed, in that I enjoy all the foods and drinks that I incorporate into my detox/cleansing regime. They are no different from what I consume regularly; except in a different formulation.  I don't have any strict recipes, I just have knowledge of the herbs and foods that do the job I'm desiring, so I get creative and use some in one drink and then others in a salad etc. I like joy in the journey and my emotions and mind appreciate that freedom.

Today's lunchtime drink: Raw beet, celery, lemons with peeling, cucumber, fresh basil

I will generally share with you some of the things I do:
  • As often as possible, use organic veggies and fruit, especially if you use the peelings.
  • Use the whole food. I don't 'juice' = extracting only the juice and discarding the pulp.

Can't detox/cleanse without lemons

  • Use fresh picked herbs
  • Use organic teas
These are a couple of my preferred teas; there are MANY. Try samples and choose ones you prefer.

  • Use reverse osmosis water
My kitchen tool that I adore and don't want to live without:

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The Liver Support Nutrition Supplement I'm using

  • Quality Psyllium Husk for Fiber

  • Keep active, whether outdoors..............


Inline Skating

Walking the dog

..........or indoors.........

  • Develop an appreciation of all things and be thankful

Sunset in January @ Circle B Bar Reserve, Lakeland FL

Lily pads near Lake Wales, FL

 March sunrise from my yard

Seen on April 9/12

Seen on April 9/12

Birdlife in February in our back pond

  • S.......L......O........W         D.......O........W.......N

Beach Walking, Hutchinson Island, FL

[all photos & videos by Lori Clinch Adams, yours truly :)]

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