Green Spaces Lessen Brain Fatigue

Where are YOUR favorite Green Spaces? Do you feel renewed, rested and calmer when you've spent time outdoors walking in your favorite places?

The results of a study have been recently published that the brain wave patterns of those who walk in urbanized areas are more aroused and frustrated than those who walk in parkland environments.

states that 'natural environments still engage' the brain, however in an effortless manner. She goes on further to say that green spaces provide a 'restorative effect' on the brain. 

It is always more beneficial to engage your entire body in an aerobic activity such as walking than to be sedentary, however simply gazing at green spaces out a window during a short break can still have refreshing benefits to a tired brain. 

To read the article: Easing Brain Fatigue With A Walk In The Park,  please click HERE.

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