Join The 2013 National Bike Challenge

The 2013 National Bike Challenge is a health and wellness initiative organized and presented by the League of American Bicyclists. to encourage people to bike for recreation and transportation. The challenge runs from May 1 to Sept. 30 and is free and open to anyone living in the USA. 

Join the challenge and whether your ride is for fitness, fun or transportation, log in your miles at National Bike Challenge.org. The only miles that don't count are those done indoors. 

If you belong to a local bike club, you can form your own Team and participate in the challenge that way. To join the challenge, register HERE as an individual. You will then have the option of creating or joining a team . Don't know of a local bike club, search here. Businesses and companies can also join and form their own teams. 

There are prizes to be won for accumulating points. Points are accumulated each day you ride at least 1 mile. 


Challenge Points accumulate based on miles ridden plus 20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile.
1 mile = 1 Challenge point
20 Challenge points for each day that you ride at least 1 mile
A rider who commutes 10 miles round-trip would earn 30 points: 20 points for riding, plus 10 points for the 10 miles (1 mile = 1 point).

This is exciting for me personally because I've traded in using our vehicle for my work to bicycling instead. In 10 weeks, by riding on average 50 miles per week, this has aided me in losing 14 lbs! Since I earn income by cycling (I provide in-home pet care/dog walks), I look at it as being paid to bike and that's exciting motivation!!


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