My Huge Apology For My Summer Absence!

It certainly was not my intention to take the summer off from blogging and keeping this blog updated, however since joining DOGVACAY in May, Dog Boarding took off for me and I've had dogs boarding in my home almost 7 days a week for several months!

Now that is a great thing; the only exception being that it consumed my time to the extent my thinking cap for writing just wasn't on well! And I've really really missed being here. So please accept my apologies.

And YES, I am still offering Lifestyle Wellness Coaching via email and phone calls and video chats and am available locally to teach Nordic Pole Walking & sell poles.

Before I begin a new HEALTH blog post, just let me share with you the great fun & joy I've had hosting dog vacations for a great number of canines! [although the research states that having dogs can improve your overall health!]

For me, DogVacay really DOES rock because pet parents gain peace of heart and mind when they board their dogs in real homes with people that love and want them there! Like me! It's a joy to provide such a service. Not only are the dogs great but so are the owners.

And 9 wonderful pet parents have written me 9 amazing reviews.

Fact is, there are DogVacay Hosts all over the country, so you can go to their site, browse for Hosts in the area you are at or will be, read their listing and contact them prior to even making a reservation with them. AND, you can save $10 off your 1st reservation by using my special coupon code: PAWZITIVEFX

Here's one of the funniest moments this summer:

and we know that laughter is also good for our health!

This is Troy the Border Collie who was so OCD about the ball, that he brought it to me in the bathroom!

Anyway, to cut this short, I'm back to blogging again [but will be away Oct 9-22 when I go to Canada to visit my family over thanksgiving]

Lastly, DogVacay has also opened up for me the opportunity to promote my Pet Photography as well, and that surely makes my heart glad as well. 

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