How To Bike With Your Dog

I am sure there are many articles written on 'How To Bike With Your Dog' however mine is personal and recent and I want to share it with you.

If you are like me and are a dog lover, you don't want to leave your furry buddy at home while you are out exercising and he/she certainly doesn't want to be left at home. Creating a healthy, active lifestyle for yourself and your dog is a great way to keep you both happy, heart-healthy and trim.

Thus, the great invention of the Walky Dog Bike Leash!

This is the packaging but shows a good photo of the actual item in use.
The great thing about the leash is that it can be used for all sizes of dogs and all bikes!

For small dogs like my beagle, remove 2 of the 3 springs that are contained within the cyclinder. For medium dogs, remove 1 of the 3. And for large dogs, don't remove any springs. By removing the springs, it causes more length of leash to be exposed - to attach to the dogs collar or harness.

The Instructions on the reverse of the package summarize the item. 

What I REALLY appreciated about the product was that the instructions were very clear and simple.  Not being mechanically or technically-inclined, I was able to attach the fixing jaw and connectors quickly and easily. In my books, it is 'Girl-Friendly' and I felt great that I didn't need my husband to help me :-)

And the one for whom it was intended gave it a 'paw up' as well

Notice the space/distance between the bike and the dog. 

Our Beagle, Bailey is a natural 'puller' so the WalkyDog Bike Leash is a great training tool for him to learn to submit and obey and not be the one in charge

This is our 2nd week training with Bailey and he still will pull if he sees a dog or cat, however with the weight of the bike and the rider, the dog soon realize that 'resistance is futile' and he quickly falls into line.

Special THANKS to my husband, Bob & Bailey the Beagle :-)

If you purchase a WalkyDog Bike Leash, please share your experience with us by posting in the comments section or emailing me : pawzitivefx@gmail.com

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