A fun, easy reminder to drink more water more often

We need to be drinking water LONG before we feel thirsty, but in our busy, on-the-go lifestyles, we usually find ourselves consuming caffeinated beverage or energy drinks laden with artificial sweeteners which have more health consequences for us rather than healthy hydration. 

The fact is, according to meyouhealth.com is that we lose over 10 cups of body water per day through normal functions of elimination.

 From time to time we all seem to say to ourselves or to a friend or colleague that we want to start drinking more water. Sometimes we purchase an attractive container and set it on the desk in front of us and carry with us in our vehicle as that reminder to take another sip or drink another 8 ounces of water. 

I love the 'EVERY DRINK' widget by meyouhealth.com that I downloaded onto my desktop that  reminds me to drink more water. It's a subtle reminder to drink at regular intervals and I especially love it because it is personalized for I get to customize the length of my day to the number of glasses I want to drink. It's also fun because I must consistently drink before my virtual glass fills up and overflows. How chic is that?

Download it, personalize it and drink your water! Please comment below if you've done so and how it is improving  your focus, wellbeing and overall good-feeling!

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