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Waterwise?? Distiller w/ Electronic Monitor

The Waterwise?? Distiller turns tap water into purified steam, recondenses it and then runs it through a carbon filter, leaving impurities behind and water that's 99% free of most tap water contaminants. It reduces 99% of inorganic/radiological contaminants such as lead, arsenic and fluoride and removes cysts, bacteria and viruses. Purifies a gallon of water in about four hours with an overall capacity of six gallons in a day. Filter status bar indicates when to change the post carbon filter. Includes a one-gallon non-leaching water bottle and programmable on/off settings. Regular cleaning recommended. USA. 15""H x 15??"" diameter; 14.3 lbs. Additional shipping charge may apply. Click image for details.

  SteriPEN Traveler UV Water Purifier - Handheld
Named to Time magazine's Top 100 Gadgets List, the SteriPEN Traveler handheld UV water purifier helps you stay safe from water-bourne baddies while traveling abroad. Ideal for trips outside the country where the safety of drinking water is questionable. Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa Tested and certified by the Water Quality Association Capable of purifying 100 half-liter servings of water on one set of batteries Designed to fit into most commercial water bottles (63mm mouth opening) Purifies one liter in less than about 90 seconds Use on any source of clear drinking water, in any country Requires 2 CR123 batteries (not included) Dimensions: 6-1_4x1-1_2x1" Weight: 2.6 oz. Material: Composite Made in China U.S. shipments only Lithium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries strongly recommended for optimal performance. This is not a water filter, and is designed for use with potable water. May be used in glass, plastic, ceramic or metal containers. Should not be used in quartz containers.

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