American Heart Association National Walking Day, April 4

Since today is National Walking Day, we are all encouraged to get our sneakers on and walk to work.

If you don't have 'work' to go to, just lace up those walking shoes and choose one of your town or city's beautiful parks or trails and walk to your (pardon the pun) 'heart's' content! :).

Don't have anyone to walk with?

No problem.
1.   Go to the American Heart Association's MeetUp page for Walking Clubs
2.   Enter your city in the 'Go' Search Box and click to search
3. Any Walking Club in your vicinity will appear
4. Join MeetUP as a member to receive updates on your local club and to RSVP for walks

No walking club in your city? Then create one!

The American Heart Association Walking Club has resources to help you to coordinate heart healthy walks in your vicinity. Volunteer!

Do you live in Central Florida? Here are local Walking Clubs for you:

Winter Haven

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