Latest Research On Longevity Tips From Centenarians

Have YOU ever thought about or desired to live to be 100? Can't say that I have (the thought of what I might look like by then makes me cringe, actually) but I do know that as long as I do have life in me, I wish to be healthy and have quality of life to be able to enjoy the outdoors, have adventures, keep up with the Grandkids, not live with disability or pain and to hopefully accomplish what God would have me do.

The primary findings from 100 Centenarians by United Health Care regarding the difference in lifestyle wellness factors between Centenarians and Boomers are:
  • 71% of Centenarians get 8 or 8+ hours of sleep per night while 38% of Boomers get the same
  • More than 80% of Centenarians eat a nutritionally-balanced meal per day, while only 68% of Boomers do the same
Some of the keys to successful aging, according to Centenarians are:
  • Spiritual activity - 67% say the engage in some form of meditation or prayer daily
  • Social connections - 89% are daily in communication with family or friends,  20% + volunteer regularly and many continue to hold employment after age 65
  • Physical Activity - 69% stay physically active through exercising regularly and exercising with peer group is the top choice of most older adults

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