My Raving Review of Mr. Chewy Pet Food/Product Company

I'm sure you are like me in that, when you try something that you like or that takes it over the top, you simply MUST share it.

 MrChewy.com is your #1 source for Pet Food Online

Here is my raving review of Mr. Chewy, a company that carries 70+ top brands of cat and dog food and ships for FREE and offers much more!

I am a 'Research Queen' who will spend all the time necessary to search out food, products, health information etc. for my husband and I as well as for our beloved Beagle, Bailey, whom we adopted two years ago. As a responsible steward of my own health and a Lifestyle Wellness Coach, my care of my dog takes on the same conscientiousness and intentionality. I do this as well for my Coaching clients and Pet Sitting clients.

I discovered Mr. Chewy by accident initially, as the Australian raw freeze-dried food I ordered used Mr. Chewy as their shipping medium.

Bailey is assisting opening the shipment from Mr. Chewy because he knows what's inside!

Being the curious type that I am, I then visited Mr. Chewy’s website online and became a ‘furever’ customer  for the following reasons:

1. Mr. Chewy carries the exact brand of specialized dog food that I had ordered
2. Mr. Chewy carries other top quality food and products that I can order to provide rotation in Bailey’s diet
3. Mr. Chewy ‘s prices are significantly less costly than the original product’s website and of any retail outlet
4. Mr. Chewy offered me a 15% discount on my order
5. I could receive free shipping on orders $49+ and delivery within 1-2 days
6. I could place my order on autoship, arrange 2nd and 3rd autoships if desired,  and have liberty in choosing the         exact time frames in which these autoships would arrive to me
7. Customers can chat live online should they have questions or problems
8. The website is very user friendly and attractive
9. I could participate in animal benevolence programs via participation in a referral program

I am thrilled with this tall list of amazing services and benefits for conscientious, caring and busy pet owners like myself, and made me very excited to refer this site and its benefits to all my clients for their Furever Pets!

Truly, Mr. Chewy has captured the heart and needs of pet owners and truly does deliver pet happiness!

Thank you Mr. Chewy;  you haven’t seen the last of us!

Kind Regards, Bailey Beagle & Lori of PawzitiveFX Petsitting
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